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Noam Wolf is an Israeli vocal artist, singer-songwriter, and composer. Her musical projects have been showcased in some of the biggest venues in Israel and around the world. Born and raised in Reut, Israel, and as the niece of famous Israeli Singer Yehushua Limoni, Noam was introduced to music at a very early age and started singing at the age of 4. She managed her own business of music ensembles for events in Israel and around the world and has written and recorded several songs that aired on national radio and television channels in Israel. Apart from her original music work, she specializes in vocal arrangements, composition, and voice-over.

Wolf had studied at Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music between 2014 and 2016, after which she studied and graduated from Y.Z.M College, receiving her diploma in Business Entrepreneurship. During her studies at Rimon, Wolf got to learn from and perform with some of the best musicians in the country, all of which are considered to be milestones of the Israeli music and jazz scenes. Among them were Iris Portugaly, Alek Katz, Alex Wasserman, Yehuda Eder, Shmulik Noifeld, Avner Kener, Shahaf Shwarzmann, Shlomi Keinan and more.

In 2017, Noam was granted the honor of serving as the young ambassador of Israel in the Jewish community of New Hampshire. During her two years in this position, Noam got to share her music, culture, and life with the entire Jewish community of the state. She performed in NH statehouse in Concord, several AIPAC conventions, as well as in numerous venues, festivals, events, concerts, and more.

Noam Wolf has been performing with both her own original music groups and also with well-known Israeli musicians since around 2006, touring all around Israel and performing on prime-time television shows like EMMY award-winning show Nevsu (Channel Reshet 13), Yetzira Mekomit (Original Creation, Channel 2), as well as national music television channel - Channel 24. She performed at the most prestigious music venues and clubs including the Ozen-Bar, Tmuna Theater, the Grey, Levontin 7, The Zone, Beit Hayotzer, Shablul, Beraleh, Zappa Herzliya & Tel-Aviv, Bar Giora, Culture Palaces of Tel-Aviv, Ashkelon, Petach Tikva, Eli’s Pub, Hoodna and Birman.

Noam has performed with her own projects: The Noam Wolf Band, Noam Wolf and HerKev, Noam Wolf Quintet and others.

Noam also had performed and toured with Karniband, Muki, Talisman, Moments Band Int, and performed or recorded with esteemed artists including Eyal Golan, Aviv Gefen, Gabi Shushan, Lior Ozeri, Alon Tamir, Stav Beger, Hanny Nachmias, Michal Amdursky, Hayehudim, Sinergia, Hadag Nahash and Yogev Gabay.

Noam Wolf


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