Visual Arts

About Nulobaz Cooperative Art Space

Nulobaz artist collective started operating in 2017 with the desire of creating a space for original, independent and free art. The group works to form an internal discourse that aims to expand outwards; Thus, to be active in the gallery’s surroundings, in the local art scene and far into broader cultural aspects.

The gallery hosts solo shows by the collective’s own artists, themed group exhibitions, guest artists and curators, video and performance events, workshops and cultural events.

Avi Levin, Adva Drori, Alina Rom Cohen, Elyasaf Kovner, Giora Bargal, Hagai Luria, Yirmi Adani, Adi Argov, Ami Raviv, Karin Mendelovitch, Ruth Or, Raanan Harlap, Rakefet Viner Omer, Shahed Zuabi, Shuni Ribnai, Tamar Simon

Nulobaz Cooperative Art Space

Visual Arts
Digital Art / Multimedia, Video Art, Curating, Sculpture

Tel Aviv, Israel