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About Ofri Dar

Ofri Dar is a graduate of the Industrial Design Department at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.
During her studies at Bezalel, Ofri worked as an exhibition designer, industrial designer and as a researcher of morphing materials at the Racah Institute of Physics of HUJI at Prof. Eran Sharon’s lab.

Ofri interned at Carnegie Mellon University as part of a research group in the Morphing-Matter laboratory. The group studied the design of structures made of morphing ceramics that help in the restoration process of seagrass meadows.

During Ofri’s Bachelor project she continued research the morphing ceramics and studied the question "How can an industrial-architectural application of the material help in dealing with climate challenges?”.

Ofri parametrically designed a geometrically intricate cladding facade. For the purpose of reduce heat, give shade, cool and divert rain. The production of the tiles is carried out on the construction site in one production line, without the use of molds, saving raw material as well as transport costs. those are recognized as one of the obstacles of the construction industry.

Currently Ofri studies in architecture at the Technion university, researching morphing materials Under the instruction of Dr. Arielle Blonder and Prof. Eran Sharon.

Ofri works as a project manager and a designer. Ofri also partners in leading the interdisciplinary project "Creative-Differences" within the framework of which an exhibition will be presented at the Design Biennale in London which will curate collaborations between design and research of morphing materials in laboratories around the world.

Ofri's work examines the seam between human, science and nature. In its framework, Ofri combines analytical research methods with intuition-driven search and examination research.

Ofri Dar

Visual Arts
Architecture, Design & Technology, Industrial Design, Ceramics & Glass

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