About Omer Itzhak Posti

Omer Itzhak Posti was born and raised in Israel, and now he’s starting his 2nd year in Conservatoire National Superior de Musique et Danse de Paris (CNSMDP)
Omer has begun his musical studies when he was 6 on soprano recorder. two years later he started oboe studies in the Israeli Conservatory in Tel-Aviv in the Class of Ms. Yael Zamir.

during his studies in Arts High-School “Thelma Yellin” Omer has begun his studies in the class of mr. Dudu Carmel, and the year after graduating school continued his studies with mr. Carmel for another year in the Buchman-Mehta School of Music (BMSOM).

In september 2019 omer started his studies in CNSMDP in the classes of prof. David Walter and prof. Jacques Tys. In addition Taking Classes with their Assistant mr. Frederic Tardy.
Omer was taking part in teen’s programs of the Jerusalem Music Center such as David Goldman outstanding musician program, the Young Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, and masterclass with Mordechai Rechtman, Marcel Ponssele, Klaus Thunemann, Ramon Ortega Quero etc…

Omer achieved orchestral experience by playing with great Orchestras such as the Israeli Philharmonic orchestra, Symphonic orchestra of BMSOM, Junge Norddeutsche Philharmonie, and other projects with israeli orchestras such as Israeli Chamber Orchestra, Ramat-Gan Symphonic orchestra, and Netanya Kibbuzit Chamber Orchestra etc…
In those projects Omer worked under the baton of Great Maestros such as Manfred Honeck, Benjamin Zander, Clemens Schuldt, Johannes Wildner, Jonathan Stockhammer, and more.

As part of his development as orchestral player, Omer participates in Auditions for principal jobs in respected orchestras such as The Israel Philharmonic and Orchestre de Paris, and getting to advanced stages of those auditions.

Omer played as soloist with Israelis orchestras such as Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, “Thelma Yellin” Symphonic Orchestra, and the Israeli Chamber Orchestra.
Omer often plays Chamber Music, and in the last summer Omer was an artist in the Galil music festival “Kfar Blum”, and played Chamber Music with the best of the Israeli musicians such as Tibi Cziger, Mor Biron, Chezy Nir, Gili Schwarzman, Miri Yampolsky, Menachem Wissenberg, and more.

Omer Has received excellence scholarship from the AICF for more then 5 years.
In addition, Omer Has Received scholarship from the israeli Philharmonic Orchestra “Clef” program for his 6 first years of oboe studies, scholarship after Dalia Maroz, and from the Ronen Foundation. In addition, Omer Won Prizes in The Paul-Ben-Haim Competition, the Winds-Percussion-Harp competition of the BMSOM, and honorary mention for the Chamber music competition of the BMSOM with his wind quintet.

Omer Itzhak Posti

Oboe, Classical

Paris , 75019, France
Grant Recipient