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About Omer Shachar

Born in Israel 1990, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at “Minshar For Art” (2015). Lives and works in Tel Aviv.

My major preoccupation deals with objectification of the physical body, in my work I blurs the line between what consider an object and a person. Im asking questions about foreign body’s, ideal beauty, the exotic, the sensual and human morality. I’m looking for the desirable and the divine in things that consider ungraceful.


2015 – Graduated four years of studies in the Department of Fine Arts led by Dr. Hannah Freund-Chertok. Participated at the graduation exhibition for Minshar College in the art department. The exhibition was guided and counseled by the artist Nivi Alroy.

2015 – B.A faculty of Humanities, The Open University


2016 (June – September) – Collaboration with Choreographer Idan Cohen. Art and stage design for A Dance-Opera Concert “The Capulets and Montagues.”

2015 (July) – Graduation exhibition at Minshar for art’s college.


​2015 – America-Israel cultural Foundation scholarship winner in the field of fine arts.

Omer Shachar

Visual Arts
Mixed Media, Performance Art, Photography, Sculpture, Video Art

Tel Aviv, Israel

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