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About Oren Biran

Stills Photographer Oren Biran specializes in portraits with a social leaning. He graduated from the Photography and Media Studies Department at Kiryat Ono College in 2009. His works have been presented in individual and group exhibitions in Israel and around the world.

Biran’s portfolio represents a critical outlook on contemporary social issues in Israeli society. His photographic approach is rooted in cinematic photography, which plays an integral role in the attainment of authenticity, motion, and accentuation of the characters’ actions as part of their dialogue with the viewers.

Group Exhibition:

2010 “Deported” Contemporary by Golconda

Individual Exhibitions:

2012 “Without a name” Terminal 3 of HaTachana compound/First Station

2015 “A new look to ageing” The Jerusalem Theatre

2017 “A new look to ageing” United Nations Building, New York City, NY

Oren Biran

Visual Arts

Tel Aviv, Israel

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