About Ricki Mayah Sofer

Ricki Sofer is a stand up comedian and living in Los Angeles has performed at Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, Ha Ha club & The Ice House Comedy club. She has written her own column for Shavua Israeli- the most recognized Jewish mag in LA. She produced and has appeared on the radio station “Kol America” and took part in the million dollar production of the successful Israeli reality show “Live In La La Land” (Kuperman Production, Traffic Light).

Originally from Israel, Ricki is a graduate of Emek Izrael Film School and served in the Israeli military police in a special unit which allowed her to wear her own pink clothing line instead of the dreadful army uniform. She speaks English with a pretty good American accent, which confuses her audience, until her world views make it clear that she’s definitely not from here. She talks about life situations that most people never encounter and definitely don’t want to. Comparing where she came from to living in La La Land made her realize how an American life makes for a really good joke.

Ricki Mayah Sofer

Film, Theater

Los Angeles, California, United States

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