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About Robert (Rami) Yerushalmi

Born in Iran and immigrated to Israel at the age of 5. Lives and creating in Kibbutz Lahav at the southern district of Israel. Learned 3 years at the Photography Department of Camera Obscure (Tel Aviv). My work engages with my close environment, so I'll be able to come back and shoot again at the same locations – dynamically move on the time scale and the emotion scale.

My first exhibition, a year after my graduation – "Every Day People", dealt with the first Intifada. More exhibitions – "Family", "On My Doorstep", "Beneath The Lantern", "Lahav – Kibbutz?", and "Southern To The South" – which examines the similarities and the differences between our southern area and the southern states of USA.

Most of my funding was from scholarships and foundations –
Honorary student scholarship – "Camera Obscura" 2nd year.
Honorary student department scholarship – "Camera Obscura" 3rd year.
Havatzelet Foundation scholarship (twice).
Bnei Shimon Regional Council cultural scholarship (twice).

Robert (Rami) Yerushalmi

Visual Arts

Lahav, Israel

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