About Roi Fastman

Roi Fastman, born 2003.

Studied in ‘Leyada’ school of the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance. Roi played the trombone for nine years and will now be part of the IDF band. He played as a soloist with the “Kleinman Band” in Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Austria and Italy.

In March 2021 Roi recorded the famous trombone concertino by Ferdinand David with the Jerusalem symphony orchestra.

In January 2020 Roi won the third place in the Wind Blowers national competition in Kfar Saba.

In November 2020 Roi won first place at the competition “Music of the World”.

In July 2021 Roi received the AICF excellence scholarship.

Roi Fastman

Trombone, Classical

Jerusalem, Israel
Grant Recipient