About Ronen Bar

Born in Tel Aviv.
Love the sea.
Moved to South Africa age 15.
DJ work for cream cheese and starry night.
DJ for over 30 years.
Combine DJing with live singing.
Studied voice training for 11 years. Opera style which covers all other styles.
Believes Elvis is the only king.
Loves 60's music.
Married plus 2.
Three dogs.
Always wanted to achieve more in singing.
Trying to form a band.
Why does this boring crap no one will ever read need to be 450 words long?
Can't think of any other trivial nonsense to put down.
All my dogs are named on Star Wars characters: Chewie, Rey, Leilee.
My kids have Israeli names with meaning
The boy is Jordan Lior Bar
Daughter is Liora Liat Bar

Ronen Bar

Voice, Pop

Jhb, South Africa

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