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About Rya Oshpiz

The paintings of Rya Oshpiz work as a triple dance between body, spirit and soul in search of balance. The expressionism of inner truth, created into amorphic images of her feelings, move as they wish from the earth’s dimension into other dimensions that are responsible to transmute emotionally and intelligently as one. The images flow through the golden mean of geometric forms, triangles, circles and square grids. The use of these symbols is woven into a formation of a universal language, a pictorial grammar, including Hebrew, English and Arab, words that have simple, but important meaning to our existence. Such as LOVE, PEACE, ONENESS. The use of Kabala, geometrics and alternate consciousness, make an access code to a different kind of intuition. The Alchemy of Color through the use of primary colors –RED, Yellow and BLUE, material into endless experiments of color that try to express life, flow, motion, circulation harmoniously with the four elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE and AIR.

In every touch of matter, there is an attempt to bring the gist into the demonstration. Landscapes, fauna flora, figurative images, become the language of dance – body, spirit and soul. This language does not consist of duality. It flows in the search of inner peace and creates an inner sense of pleasantness, serenity and confidence. Before each painting, Rya enters a state of Alfa, peace and quiet. The logic mind, the heart and the emotions have to flow together in harmony. Only then does her essence turn into a vessel of pure light even in the darkest places of chaos.

The inner world comes out as a free being that wants to give expression in an unrestricted way with no boundaries whatsoever. The frequency of her feelings flows through creative harmony between mind and emotion that dictates the vibration of the color. The idea is not to control the substance in art, but to let the substance flow intuitively so that creation is formed from the inner truth. In this way, a rich source of attention is opened up to an endless spectrum of color ranges and combinations of many other materials – wood, carton, metal, clay, etc…

In her creativity, Rya Oshpiz is the one responsible for the rhythmic balance of being. To Be. The belief in the Source, God, Eternal light, through the study of Kabala and human nature as an alternative treatment, bring her work not as an expression of the world that is called mystic, unknown or religion, but the opposite, to view our feelings from the earthly point of view, with two feet on the ground in balance and love for all beings.

Being a second-generation Holocaust survivors, Rya Oshpiz chose to let go of victimization and find the meaning of happiness and life.
Ever since 1987, Rya Oshpiz has become a visionary artist.

Rya Oshpiz

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Sculpture

Kfar Vradim, Israel