About SaffeK

SaffeK brings the music of frontman/composer Oren Amitai to life, colorful earthshaking Alternative Melodic Rock which revolves the awe and pain of being in the weird state of 'existing'.

The band creates a rich wall of sound with layers of guitars and keyboards, powerful rhythm section led by raw scorching vocals.

SaffeK performs totally exposed, burning everything on their way. The band feeds off the crowd's energy, takes the magic of how bizarre life is and squeezes this sensation to a sweeping ecstatic experience of elevation.

SaffeK has performed in acclaimed Israeli festivals including SoLow and Yearot Menashe Festival and were selected to participate in Synthesizer,

the renowned accelerator for musicians. In the year to come, after the release of their new album All Too Human (FEB 2020 Zota Label), SaffeK will go on touring Europe & Asia in a post-Covid19 world.



Haifa, Israel