Visual Arts

About Shiran Zaray-Mizrahi

Shiran Zaray-Mizrahi was born in Israel but lived most of her life in South Africa and New York before returning to Israel as a young adult. She studied Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and later graphics and web design in Israel, working as a graphic designer for several years. In the last two years she has returned to the visual arts and painting in particular. She work primarily in oils and mixed media, mostly in an impressionist style but often veering towards semi-abstract or whimsical. She is interested in the subjects of family and nostalgia, as well as Divine and symbolic concepts.

Exhibitions/Publications: FIT Icon Magazine, 2007; Olim Expo, Jerusalem Theater, 2008

Awards: American Sephardic Federation Scholarship, 2002-2006; Misrad Haklitah Excelling Artist Prize, 2008

Shiran Zaray-Mizrahi

Visual Arts
Design & Technology, Drawing & Painting, Mixed Media

Beit Shemesh, Israel
Grant Recipient