About Shiraz Natanzon

Shiraz started her violin studies at age 5 and she is currently studying with prof. Delia Jacob in Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv.

Shiraz also receives additional musical education in Jerusalem Music center for chamber music, orchestra, and masterclasses from first class musicians like Miriam Fried, Pall Biss, Gregory Kalinovsky and many others. Shiraz is a participant of the Huberman programs and Goldman Chamber music program for gifted musicians.
Shiraz is a recipient of scholarship due to scholarship competition in Israel Conservatory of Music for year 2019 and excellence scholarship for year 2020.
Shiraz is a recipient of scholarship from Daniela Rabinowitch foundation for 2021-2023.
Shiraz is a recipient of AICF (America-Israel Cultural Foundation) grant for 2019-2020 and 2021-2022.

Shiraz received prizes in several international competitions, such as Primuz international competition(Poland), Medici international music competition, Golden Classical Music Awards International competition (USA), Grand Prize Virtuoso ( London, Bonn, Salzburg) competitions for 2021, Cremona International Music Festival and String competition(Italy).

Shiraz Natanzon

Violin, Classical, Baroque / Early Music

Haifa, Israel
Grant Recipient

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