About Tomer Amrani

As a soloist from an early age, Tomer Amrani performed with the Israel Philharmonic, the Israel Opera, the Symphonette Raanana, the Raanana Youth Symphony, and on tour in Europe with the Thelma Yellin High School Symphony.

Winner of numerous competitions including The Jerusalem Academy winds and percussion competition (2015), The National Woodwind Competition in Israel (2012), The “Eran Zoldan” Music Soloists Competition (2012) and The National Flute Competition in Israel (2010). He also received scholarships from the Barenboim-Said Foundation, the ARPE Foundation (Switzerland) and the AICF scholarship with distinction (2007-2014).

Tomer has been a member of Barenboim’s West Eastern Divan Orchestra from age 16, with which he toured worldwide. He also played in the Young Israel Philharmonic, the Thelma Yellin Symphony and the Raanana Youth Symphony. Tomer has participated in festivals in Lucerne & Salzburg and has occasionally appeared on Israeli radio.

As a student of Claudia Stein at the Barenboim-Said Academy in Berlin, he is also mentored by Emmanuel Pahud. He previously studied with Prof. Avner Biron at the Rubin Music Academy in Jerusalem, and with Anat Tiberger at the Raanana Music Center, where he took part in the Tomorrow’s Soloists Program for outstanding musicians.

Tomer Amrani

Flute, Classical, Baroque / Early Music

Berlin, Germany
Grant Recipient

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