Tomer Heymann

    Tomer Heymann was born in Kfar Yedidia in Israel in 1970 and has directed many documentary films and series in the past ten years, most of them long-term follow-ups and personal documentations. His films won major awards at different prestigious film festivals including his first film “It Kinda Scares Me“, that won the Israeli Academy Award. “Paper Dolls“ won three awards at the Berlin Film Festival, two awards at the Identities Film Festival, the “Best International Feature“ award at the Los Angeles Festival, “Best Documentary“ at the Cinemanila International Film Festival in the Philippines and many more.

    His film and TV series “Bridge over the Wadi“, co-produced with the American ITVS, won the Israeli Documentary Film competition, participated in IDFA Festival’s prestigious competition and won many awards around the world. Tomer’s 8-part series “The Way Home“ won the “Best Documentary Series“ award at the 2009 Jerusalem International Film Festival and “Best Documentary Series“ at the Israeli Documentary Competition. Tomer also directed documentaries about local culture heroes such as The musicians Aviv Geffen (“Aviv – Fucked Up Generation“), Idan Raichel (“Black Over White“) and the choreographer Ohad Neharin (“Out Of Focus“). Tomer’s latest film “I Shot My Love“ premiered at the Berlin Film Festival 2010 and has been screened at various festivals around the world . The film has won awards at the HotDocs Film Festival, Taiwan Documentary Int’l Film Festival, The Side By Side GLBT Film Festival, The Madrid GLBT Film Festival, The Queer Lisboa GLBT Film Festival and The Warsaw Jewish Film Festival. Tomer’s films “Aviv – Fucked Up Generation“, “It Kinda Scares Me“, “Paper Dolls“ and “I Shot My Love“ were theatrically released in cinemas in Israel and around the world, making Tomer one of the Documentary Film industry’s leading directors.


    2018 Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life – Ophir Award (Israeli Oscar) for Best Documentary

    2017 #Work_In_Progress – UK Jewish Film Festival

    2016 Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? – Audience Award at Berlinale

    2015 Mr. Gaga – Audience Award at SXSW, Final Nomination for European Academy Awards

    2014 Aliza – Jerusalem IFF

    2011 The Queen Has No Crown – Berlinale, Krakow IFF

    2010 I Shot My Love – Best Mid Length Award at Hot Docs, Berlinale

    2009 The Way Home – Best Documentary Series Award at Jerusalem IFF

    2007 Out Of Focus – Haifa IFF

    2007 Debut – Best Documentary Series at Israeli Documentary Competition

    2007 Black Over White – Haifa IFF, Mississippi IFF

    2007 Cinderellas

    2006 Paper Dolls – Audience Award, Teddy Award & Salzgeber Film Prize at Berlinale

    2006 Bridge Over The Wadi – Golden Award at Shanghai International TV Festival

    2003 Aviv – Fucked-up Generation – Hot Docs

    2001 It Kinda Scares Me – Best Documentary Award at Melbourne IFF

    2000 Laugh Till I Cry – DocAviv


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