Two Worlds – Jill and Amnon Damti

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    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    A dance performance/ensemble of two dancers

    A unique blend between the world of a deaf dancer and that of a hearing dancer, with a remarkable talent to communicate with all sorts of audiences and all age groups.

    The chemistry and charisma created between the two dancers exhilarates the viewers.

    The performance, which is interactive, is appropriate for all types of audiences.

    Beyond the artistic experience, the performance conveys a very significant message – that everything is possible.

    Jill Damti-Feingold – Narrator and Dancer (more about jill – PDF)
    Born in the U.S.A., one of seven children, to adventurous parents. Made aliya as a child, studied film at Tel Aviv University. Evolved from the world of gymnastics and water ballet ; Taught gymnastics and jazz for many years.
    Jill is a narrator and actress.
    Served in the Israeli military as an officer in charge with juvenile delinquents.
    Jill is multi-creative.

    Joined Amnon’s “Chushihi” (Sixth Sense) troupe, and composed the “Two Worlds” performance with him.
    Was awarded assorted awards along with Amnon, including “Ambassadors of Culture and Acceptance” in Israel.

    Amnon Damti – Dancer and Choreographer
    The son of Yemenites who immigrated to Israel by foot. “Despite being born deaf, and having a particularly difficult childhood, he has grown beyond his physical and environmental limitations in every sense, to become not only an extraordinary dancer, but a talented artist, with a pure soul, a natural joy and optimism which glow on those surrounding him.”