About Tzvika Lorber

Tzvika Force is an Israeli based artist. A pianist, sensitive and edgy creator. His deep and penetrating voice is often compared to Rufus Wainwright and Tom Waits and the uniqueness of his music and exciting performances in the Israeli scene have resonated with music lovers. He began his journey on the piano with which he performed for the first time in Tel Aviv in 2008. An EP he recorded as a teenager at his home and uploaded online created interest in the artist and following it began a musical path of several years in which Tzvika recorded and released his debut EP "Petite Nature" in 2013, produced by Ben Spector.

After many years of independent creation, recordings and performances accompanied by a band around the country on various stages and music festivals, he took a longer break than planned in which he aimed to record and produce an album independently in his home studio. A meeting with the music producer Ronen Roth led to the completion of a full album called "Mine" which combines materials that Tzvika recorded and produced himself in his home studio over the years. The album combines electronic alt-pop songs alongside acoustic songs on the piano and guitar.

Tzvika Lorber


Tel Aviv, Israel

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