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About Vardi Bobrow

Vardi Borbow is a multidisciplinary artist, working mainly in installations consisting of objects, paintings, and video art. She is a graduate of the “Hamidrasha” School of Art and has been exhibiting her work in Israel and abroad since 2012. Bobrow’s work has recently been exhibited at: The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Yanko Dada Museum Ein Hod, Solo exhibition at the Artists House in Tel Aviv, The Municipal Gallery in Rehovot (Catalog), Florentine 45 Contemporary Art Space, amongst others. Bobrow is also a member and volunteer at the Art Place, a contemporary Art Gallery in Tel Aviv, and a member of the Art Committee of the Keshet Eilon Association for outstanding musicians.


2008 – 2012 – Graduate of the “Midrasha” art college,

1980 – 1983 – Graduate of Graphic Design Studies at the Tel Aviv Technion

2012 – Today: Member of the art committee of The Keshet Eilon Music Center

and violin master course, Israel.

2014 – Today – Art Program Director at the Katedra Cultural Center, Israel.

Special projects:

2017 (Oct.): Special project and Community Art Workshop at Beit-Tammy,

Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Carmit Blumenson

2017: “Old, Fake News,” Weitzman Institute, Rehovot. Curator: Yivsam Azgad


2016: La Napoule Art Foundation (LNAF), France

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018: Solo Exhibition at Dana Gallery, Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, Israel;

Curator: Ravit Harari

2016: “Cloud Reader”, Beit Dondikov Municipal Gallery of Rehovot, Israel.
Curator: Ora Kraus. (With catalog)

2014: “Brush Landscape”, Artist house, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Vera Pilpoul

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017: “Spirit of Israel”, Art Action, Tel Aviv. Curator: Shulamite Nuss and Vera Pilpoul

2017: “EMPIRE II” group video art exhibition, Castello 30122, Riva Dei Sette

Martiri Venice, Italy.

2017: “Sisterhood”, Herzelilinblum Museum, Tel Aviv Israel. Curator: Shulamit Nuss, Vera Pilpoul

2016: “La Nap Neuf”, Chateau de la Napoule, (during residency) France

2016: “MasterPieces”, Contemporary Art Fair, Rosenbach Contemporary,
Jerusalem, Israel

2016: “Wireless Connection”, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel. Curators: Daniela

2016: “Darkness Clear as Daylight”; ArtSpace Tel Aviv, Israel, Curator: Simcha

2015: “Drawing Salon”, Florentin 45 Contemporary Art Space, Tel Aviv, Israel
Curator: Gilat Nadivi

2015: “Artist Wall”, ArtSpace Tel Aviv, Israel, Curator: Dalia Danon

2015: “The Red Sea”, Yanko Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel, Curator: Raya Sommer.

2015: “145”, Duo-exhibition with Tamar Sheaffer, at ‘Bezalel 7’, Jerusalem, Israel

2015: “Tracing Oblivion”, Group Exhibition, Galerie Mémoire de l’Avenir, Paris,

France. Curators: Vera Pilpoul, Margalit Berriet

2014: “Print.Work”. Alfred Institute, Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2014: “Tach Nistar” Beit Dondikov-Municipal Gallery of Rehovot, Israel.

2014: “Epidermis”, Florentin 45 Contemporary Art Space, Tel Aviv, Israel Curators:
Gilat Nadivi, Vera Pilpoul

2014: MORPHOS – “Sustainable Empires”, Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, Italy

2014: “Disturbed Landscape”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curator:
Shahar Marcus

2014: Elem 6th annual art auction New York – Nili Lotan Showroom, New York

2014: Tel Aviv Photo Event, Loft 16, Tel Aviv, Israel

2012: Graduate Exhibition “Hamidrasha Art School” Beit-Berl, Israel (with catalog)

2012: Elem 4th annual art action, Opera Gallery, New York

Vardi Bobrow

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Video Art

Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient

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