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My name is Yael Raz, I was born on June 1990 in Old North neighborhood, Tel aviv. At the age of 5 I moved with my family to Shikun Dan, Tel Aviv. In 2004 I started high school, 5 Study units in Art and in English.
I was in the scouts starting from fourth grade to ninth grade, and a guide later. In my senior year I was responsible for more than 600 students and the activities transferred to them.

I was recruited to the IDF in 2009 as an educational commander and I served for two years full service at division 162 in the Jordan Valley. The military role included the formal and non-formal educational of content such as values of the IDF, driving under the influence of alcohol, Israel geography and more.

During my military service and after the role creation which included creation visual materials, I became interested in design. After discharge, I began to study preparatory course at 6b in order to be prepared for college exams. When I began the preparatory know that design is what I want to engage in future, but I did not know what is the design field I’m interested in. while learning I realized that most of my life I had been interested in graphic design without knowing it.

At 2012 I begin Shenkar college, department of visual communication interactive program. during my studies I was accepted to a program focuses on interactive screens, web design, web sites and apps.

In 2015 I took part in a design workshop for a week collaboration with Cornell -tech University, Shankar and Sears Israel. The workshop was held in the format of groups on the subject “Reinventing shopping”. each group was asked to initiate and design on this subject, and then “recruited” from investors who came as judge.My team won third place.

At 2015 I presenting as a part of an exhibition at Moby Bat Yam on the subject of graphic design. During the academic studies I worked as a graphic designer at startup Out of X for three years as a designer in Simbla for one year. After completing my studies at Shenkar in 2016 I began working as chief designer at Madeleine, a company engaged in providing access to real estate information to the public.

Yael Raz

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Tel Aviv, Israel

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