About Yael Wolfson

Yael Wolfson was born in Israel. In 2005, she started to play the French horn. Her teachers include Osnat Brenner (2005 – 2006), Gal Raviv (2007 – 2008), Ruthy Varon (2009 – 2010), Sharon Pollack (2011-2015) and Hezi nir (2015 – 2016). She performed her music recital “Bagrut” and received a five points score. In addition she scored five points in the “Bagrut” examinations in Solfège, harmony, orchestration, music history, and ensembles – singing and playing. Currently Yael is serving in the IDF orchestra as a French horn player. As part of her job as a French horn player in the IDF orchestra she performs at diplomatic events for ambassadors from all around the world.

In 2005, Yael joined the school orchestra under the baton of conductor Evgenee Winberiit. At the same she was a member of the Youth Orchestra of Kfar Saba conducted by Gilly Shai. She also participated at “the day of french horn” and on February 16th 2015 she performed at Julie Landsman’s masterclasses . In 2008, she played with the B’ney Ha’kibbuzim Orchestra conducted by Opher Ein-Habar, and in the Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra. In 2009, Yael joined the Municipal Orchestra of Kfar Saba conducted by Yair Messiah, and the Symphony Orchestra of Kfar Saba conducted by Shimon Winreed. In 2010, she joined the Representations Orchestra of Kfar Saba conducted by Opher Ein Habar. Yael played in the woodwind quintet and sextet led by Shimon Winreed. Yael studied at the music program of the Katzanelson High School in Kfar Saba under the guidance of Misha Gluzman, Ronit Katz, Doron Ben-Ami and Sasha Klzberg. She took part playing chamber music in woodwind and brass quintet. She was invited to play as a soloist with the B’ney Ha’kibbuzim String Orchestra. Yael played in the Polyphony Orchestra conducted by Salim Ashchar guide by Alon Reuven. She participated with the Symphony Orchestra and the Representations Orchestra of Kfar Saba in a competition at the Orchestra’s festival in Holland and won a gold medal. In addition She participate at Schladming in Austria and won first place with the orchestra. Yael participated in the project of young and adults Kibbutzit Chamber Orchestra conducted by Eyal Ein-Habar.

In 2012, Yael won a scholarship to encourage her study of the French horn.

Yael Wolfson

French Horn, Classical

Kfar Saba, Israel

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