About Yair Dalal

Yair Dalal, born in 1955; composer, violinist, oud player and singer; a prolific ethnic musician, plays an important role in shaping the global world music scene. Over the last decade he has put 12 albums, covering wide and varied cultural territory, and authentically representing Israeli , Jewish and Middle Eastern cultures and fusing them through music as whole. Much of Dalal’s work reflects his extensive musical skills in both classical-European, Jazz and Arabic music and also reflects a strong affinity he has for the desert and its habitants. Dalal’s family came to Israel from Baghdad and his Iraqi roots are embedded in his musical work. Whether working on his own, or with his Alol ensemble, Dalal creates new Middle Eastern music by interweaving the traditions of Iraqi and Jewish Arabic music with a range of influences originating from such diverse cultural milieus as the Balkans to India. The evocative compositions comprise a unique and colorful sound.

Apart from creating music, Dalal devotes his time to preserving musical heritages from becoming extinct – the Babylonian Jewish Iraqi musical heritage and the music of the Bedouins (the Sinai desert nomads). During the years Dalal performed in concerts and festivals worldwide including major venues such as New York Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, Womad festivals from England to Australia and New Zealand as well as in a humble authentic nomads desert tent . collaborating with top musicians from all over the world, from different disciplines and heritage.

Yair Dalal

Oud, Oriental

TEL AVIV, Israel

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