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About Yishai Simon

Naiim (Yishai) Simon was born in 1985. He grew up in Israel, in a religious community(kvuzat yavne) and was drafted into the military. These years have made him understand the human condition, the imperfection of humanity, and his wish to communicate through artistic tools with all people. Sharing my art with others, and meeting (by his art) with people from all over the world, give him the ability to speak, communicate, teach and learn. He believes that the space of art’s gallery allow people to learn not only about themselves and their artistic goals but also about their strengths and weaknesses and the way they view themselves in reflection.

Ever since he was a young child in elementary school, he felt a strong connection to the arts. The thoughts, ideas and sensations during the process, took him to a quiet, internal place.

The form of the clay, the colours and textures of the finished product, is what motivates my creativity and the creation process again and again.

He loves throwing and exploring different movements in the clay, thus creating the prefect-imperfect amorphic products.

Today, he runs his own art studio in Israel and give seminars and workshops in Israel and around the world. He also present his work and products in design galleries, taking part in exhibitions and working with special people through art-therapy.

His creations are one of a kind. Each and every one of them is made meticulously and using different techniques. Inspired by nature and its variety of textures, each piece is embedded with his love.
Different procedures require a change of temperature:
Dinnerware is burnt at 1220°C
Raku is burnt at 1000 °C
Luster (Metal vases) – 1070 °C
Gold over glaze – 800 °C

All of his ceramic ware is glazed with lead free and non-toxic glazes.
He mixes myself all the colours and glazes that wrapped his art and create the special textures.

Yishai Simon

Visual Arts
Ceramics & Glass

Hofit, Israel
Grant Recipient

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