About Yoram Loewenstein Acting School

The studio was founded in 1988, and is one of the leading acting schools in Israel. The Studio offers a full three-year acting program and gives the students the skills they will need to become professional actors in film, T.V and theatre. The studio is located in the heart of the Hatikva Quarter in southern of Tel Aviv. This Quarter is considered to be one of the weakest socioeconomic areas in Tel Aviv, struggling with poverty and neglect.

Active community involvement is an important element of the school identity as a professional acting institution. Therefore Second and Third Year students are required to work with different groups in the community such as: elderly people, hearing impaired, new immigrants’ children, migrant workers children and youth in peril as part of their training to be actors. The Studio aspires to nurture a new generation of actors who are rooted to the society in which they live, and therefore will become leaders in the field of acting in Israel.

The Studio seeks to create bonds of reciprocity with its community that contributes to the artistic and personal development of it students. In this way we seek to use art to benefit both are students and our community.

Yoram Loewenstein Acting School


Tel-Aviv, Israel

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