Yoram Loewenstein Acting School

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    Tel-Aviv, Israel

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    The school was founded in 1988. Among the graduates of the school: Ayelet Zorer (who played in the movie “angels & demons” with Tom Hanks, Munich directed by Steven Spielberg), Aki Avni, Ali Saliman (who played in the movie “Paradise now” that was nominated for the Oscar) and many others Who are playing leading roles in theatre movies and T.V.

    The school is located in the most neglected neighborhood in Tel- Aviv, “shechunat Hatikva”, (“the neighborhood of hope”) The uniqueness of the school is in the combination between the highest level of professional acting studies with community work in the neighborhood where the school is located. Few such institutions exist around the world.

    As part of the training to become professional actors, the acting students are committed to lead 16 drama groups with in the community such as: youth at-risk, immigrant’s children in distress, children with special needs and emotional problems,  elderly and many more.

    Our community works empower the neighborhood residents, and also gives them tools for individual growth and development. Furthermore, we have subscription project for the residents of our neighborhood, who can attend the shows which are produced in our theatre hall.  For most of the people in the community it is the first time in their lives to see theatre. By attending our shows (which are played by the third year acting students) they are exposed to the best classic and modern theater repertoire.

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