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    “The self-expression of the creative and genuine artist resonates with the collective consciousness. Artistic expression is vividly imaginative and ingenious when created and shared.  Art is a reflection of society.  The artistic and creative representation of society is vital in the process of society moving forward, developing, and progressing.”

    “And, ultimately, art is a vehicle for social change.”

    Yuval David describes this as he describes his own process.

    Award-winning actor, host, filmmaker and producer Yuval David, who has become acclaimed for his own work, including evocative and sometimes provocative performances on screen and stage. Each role Yuval brings to life he treats as a masterclass in using art as a fundamental agent for social change.

    His profound ability to get to the heart of his characters’ humanity and relay a very real-life experience to his audience has landed him major series regular and guest starring roles in some of the most widely celebrated and talked about television series and films in recent years.

    Whether he’s appearing in CBS’ hit political drama ‘Madam Secretary’ or ABC’s long-running primetime hidden camera show ‘What Would You Do?’ his appearances not only entertain with heart but explore the human experience. No role is squandered as Yuval always uses his robust platform to embed a vital element of using his art for social change, engaging his viewers and inviting them to take an active role in improving the world around them, while simultaneously empowering them, making them feel deeply appreciated.

    His mission led him to host, narrate, create and curate video content across YouTube and across social media, and he currently produces almost a dozen web-series, all of which entertain, uplift and inspire viewers, following with his central mission, and regularly performs his one-person shows in theatres.

    The charming, sharp-witted, captivating and funny powerhouse of energy is frequently invited to emcee and speak on behalf of countless cultural, humanitarian, philanthropic, social and political initiatives, including the Israeli Consulate in New York, most recently hosting Israel’s 70thAnniversary Celebration in Times Square, in front 30,000 at the event and millions of live viewers around the world. He has become a go-to host and narrator for short- and long-form video content and documentary features for Jewish, Israeli, LGBTQ, Arts, Cultural and Humanitarian Organizations and Initiatives, including The National LGBTQ Task Force, the Jewish National Fund (JNF USA), and Stand With Us.

    As a social journalist and public speaker, sometimes this advocacy work takes on a more literal approach. He regularly travels across the United States and abroad, in recent years bringing him to the illustrious heights of Capitol Hill and to powerful major multinationals and nonprofit institutions, to speak about the significance of using art for social change. Yuval empowers people to see themselves as advocates for their communities, uniting together to support their own communities and others, and seeing these efforts as equally important.

    In addition to “Madam Secretary” and “What Would You Do?” Yuval’s on-screen credits also include “The Michael J Fox Show,” “Unforgettable,” and “Days of Our Lives;” leading and supporting roles in films such as “Incipient,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Nephilim,” “Awakening of Spring,” “You,” and “The Fifth Estate;” and lead roles in contemporary and classic theatrical works, including: Broadway in “The Game;” Off-Broadway in “Daddy Issues,” “Bunburry,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “In The Swing.” As much as possible, Yuval enjoys performing in regional theatres across the United States and abroad.  Yuval regularly does voice overs for animation, commercials, narration, documentaries, and industrials.  As a TV host, Yuval specializes in human interest, environmental, travel, foodie, culinary, and lifestyle shows. He is the host of multiple shows on television and online.



    Yuval David is a celebrated and award-winning actor, host, director, and filmmaker. His creative mantra is “to entertain, uplift and inspire.”


    As a filmmaker, Yuval directs and writes short- and full-length films, documentaries, web-series as well as digital and TV content. Yuval’s series, “One Actor Short” have become an award winner and festival favorite, earning more than 75 awards from national and international festivals, including American Picture, Atlanta Film Festival, The Big Apple Film Festival, Global Webisode Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, New Filmmakers Film Festival, Hollywood Just4Shorts Film Competition, IndieFest, Prague International Film Festival, Top Shorts Film Festival, and Vegas CineFest International Film Festival.


    Yuval’s other web-series and short films, have also been awarded numerous awards, including Best Short, Best Film, Best Series, and for Yuval specifically as Best Director, Best Actor, Best Producer, and Best Writer in national and international film festivals.


    As an actor, Yuval plays leading roles in film, television, theatre, web and digital media, as well as voice overs. His acting roles include leading and guest star roles on NBC, ABC, CBS, Showtime, Disney, DreamWorks, Comedy Central, countless independent films, Broadway, Off-Broadway, theatres across the US and abroad.


    As a TV host and presenter, Yuval focuses on societal, humanitarian, cultural and entertainment programming. His work is seen on network television, documentary films, web series, and regularly at live events.


    Advocacy for the marginalized and under-represented is Yuval’s driving force. He uses his creative work as a vehicle for the greater good on behalf of highly respected US and international organizations.


    Throughout Yuval’s advocacy work with organizations, he is brought in as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, and panelist for discussions regarding:


    -Art for Social Change

    -Creative Advocacy

    -Identity Politics

    -Marginalized identities and self-empowerment

    -Jewish Identity

    -Zionism & Israel

    -Jewish representation in Entertainment and Media

    -Jewish, Zionist, and Israeli advocacy within Progressive movements

    -LGBTQ Identity and Representation

    -Content Creation

    -Self-Expression and Self-Empowerement

    -Storytelling within Entertainment and Media


    Yuval advocates for all marginalized communities through his creative work and social action, supporting the organizations below.


    – Embassy of Israel to the United States: Keynote Speaker

    Consulate General of Israel in New York: Speaker, Panelist, and MC for events and initiatives.

    – Shoah Foundation: Speaker and panelist for events and initiatives. Storytelling Fellow. Member of the Creative Council, creating new content incorporating testimonies filmed by The Shoah Foundation

    Jewish National Fund: Host & Director of Documentary Content, Speaker and MC

    Jewish Council for Public Affairs: Speaker and Event MC. Host of video content.

    –  Keren Kayemet: Speaker and panelist.

    –  Stand With Us: Narrator and Host of documentary videos and social media content. Speaker and Panelist.

    American Israel Cultural Foundation: Member, Performing Artist, and Speaker

    Chabad: Speaker and Panelist.

    The Jewish Learning Institute: Speaker and Panelist.

    End Jew Hatred:  Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader

    Zikaron BaSalon: Keynote speaker

    JewBelong: Speaker. Member of Board of Directors.

    Lambda Legal: Speaker and workshop leader.

    The Aguda, the Israeli LGBTQ rights organization: speaker, panelist, and host of events, including advocating on joint initiatives.

    A Wider Bridge: Speaker, MC, and advocate for the organization, connecting Israeli and American LGBTQ communities. Member of the Leadership Council.

    National LGBTQ Task Force: Speaker and Workshop Leader at annual Creating Change Conference; Advocate and Speaker at numerous events, including advocating to elected officials about LGBTQ initiatives; National Leadership Council; Host and Director of Documentary Video Content

    GLAAD: Partner for advocacy initiatives in press/media

    Covenant House NY: Speaker at events for homeless youth


    – Guest speaker, panelist, and workshop leader for Jewish organizations.


    Please find samples of his advocacy work and speaking engagements below:





    Speaking clips:




    Jewish and Israeli Causes:




    Yuval is a keynote speaker and panelist multiple times per month for Jewish and Israeli causes and communities. One highlighted speech, for example, was as keynote speaker at the Embassy of Israel, USA, for their LGBTQ+Pride event.

    Here is a link to view his remarks.


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