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About Ziva Caspi

Ziva has been painting for more than 35 years. Her work, usually based on a photo she took - takes on a certain style and form, then transforms and morphs into a new visionary world.

Looking at Ziva's paintings is a kind of experience taking you through a colorful maze of the unknown. The painting process is a sort of infinite quest; it never ends - it is just the beginning of a new one.

As a direct continuation of her long-term practice, Ziva's most recent acrylic painting series, starting 2015, have more of a minimalistic character; very calculated, accurate, illustrated angles, lines, buildings, interiors and exteriors, urban aspects, people she meets on her daily route, plain and common objects like laundry, etc. All of these elements get a new life and a character of their own in these paintings.

Ziva considers herself a self taught artist. She holds a bachelor's degree is in English and French literature.

Ziva Caspi

Visual Arts

Quadima, Israel

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